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Dining and Table Service Features

PrISM for Windows allows you to create customizable table layouts for single or multiple sections of your facility. This allows your staff quick access to the status of any order or table in your facility. Just touch any unoccupied table to create a new order or add items to an existing order if the table is seated. The status of any table including Server, Guests, Open Checks, Time In, Time Out, Food Total and Beverage Total can easily be displayed.

Customizable table layouts also allow bartenders to quickly open, close or add items to a check based on the customer's position at the bar. If desired, any check that has been opened at the bar can be easily transferred to a table in another section.


Restaurant Cash Register

Split Checks and Integrated Credit Card Processing

Microworks' PrISM for Windows has been designed to simplify the process of creating single or split checks at tables, or creating additional checks before or after an order has been processed. Splitting checks has never been easier - just touch the item to split on the original check and then touch the check to transfer the item to. Integrated credit card processing allows servers to swipe credit cards into any available POS station. Credit card authorization may be done by dial-up line or via the Internet.

PrISM POS allows multiple tenders and tips to be used on a single check. Split checks are settled independently of each other allowing single or multiple credit cards to be used for each check.



Gift and Loaylty Cards

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper Gift Certificates and hello to the convenience of electronic Gift Cards. Whether you have a single location, are a multi-store operator or franchise, Prism POS has a gift card setup style that will work for you. Single store operators can take advantage of the simplicity of gift card account information being stored locally. While multi-store operators can optionally implement the flexibility of a web based account database where customers are allowed to purchase or redeem their cards at one of many locations.

Loyalty Cards can also be configured to operate for a single location, multi-store operator or franchise. Award points can be accumulated in a variety of ways at any store location and redemption monitored and validated.

Web Ordering

Microworks PrISM WebOrder™ v3 is our complete end-to-end solution that allows
your customers to create and pre-pay for their orders via their favorite web browser.

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