Restaurant Wireless Ordering

Wireless Tablet Ordering

Fixed or Wireless One Common

Wireless Tablet Ordering

With it's new ultra-slim, ultra-light 7" form factor, this optional restaurant POS component is the ideal tool to provide exceptional customer service in your dining rooom. Your servers can quickly gain efficiencies by eliminating the need to hand write orders and enter them back into a fixed POS station. Now servers can quickly enter an order at table-side and send that information to the bar or the kitchen from the familiar touch-screen interface. Weighing in at less than 1 pound with a battery life that exceeds 8 hours on a single charge, this wireless tablet will provide greater server range while increasing the efficiency of the entire staff.

PrISM Wireless Tablet Ordering uses standard WiFi networking technology, this allows a single wireless router to host multiple handheld devices. For larger or multi-room facilities wireless antennas can provide optimnal coverage to the entire area.


Restaurant Wireless Ordering

Fixed or Wireless - One Common Interface

Microworks Wireless Tablet Ordering uses the exact same user interface as our fixed POS station, this allows servers to pick up any wireless tablet and go without the need for retraining. With an incredible 600 by 1024 WSVGA screen resolution and the pinpoint accuracy of our touch screen interface, all standard POS functionality is now available to your staff table-side. All information entered on our handheld device is processed in exactly the same way as a fixed POS station, this includes the ability to create new orders, update existing orders, and check the status of any order.

Provide exceptional service throughout your dining room with the addition of the PrISM POS wireless tablet ordering option to your restaurant system.



Web Ordering

Microworks PrISM WebOrder™ v3 is our complete end-to-end solution that allows
your customers to create and pre-pay for their orders via their favorite web browser.

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