The Web panel allows you to define how the menu item will appear for web ordering.  This panel is only available if the web ordering module is active.


General Web


This option determines whether a menu item or group appears only in the store, only on the web or in both.



This field can be used to store internal notes regarding the item.  Data entered here has no bearing on the setup or functionality of the item, it is an information-only field.


Web Sort

This option allows web items to have a different sort order than regular in store items.


Web Group

This option allows items to be applied to different groups on the web.  This allows web items to be grouped differently than how they appear in the store.



If selected, this option allows customers to enter notes / instructions when placing web orders.


Base Item

Use of this field allows items to be treated like modifiers on the web.  This is an advanced feature of the PrISM system, please contact Microworks Tech Support before using.


Web Label

This option allows web items to have a different label than regular in store items.  If the Web Label is left blank, the Button Name of the item will be displayed on the web.


Web Desc.

This field allows you to add a description to items on the web.  This can be used to list the ingredients of an item for clarification, or simply to add "flavor" text to items, making them more appealing to your customers.


Web Special / Images

The Advanced Web panel is available on the Advanced tab in the Edit Menu Item window.

Web Special

This option allows the menu item to be managed as a web special and placed on the web specials page.  For more information about Web Specials, contact Microworks Tech Support.


Special Image File

This option allows you to set an image to be displayed in the Specials group for this item.  This is only used in conjunction with 'Web Special' (see above).


Web Thumbnail

PrISM Online Ordering allows you to place an image next to items in the menu.  This image is smaller than the Web Image (see below).  This field is optional.


Web Image

PrISM Online Ordering allows you to place an image at the top of the Item Modification screen (where modifiers and cooking instructions are added).  This is a larger image than the Web Thumbnail (see above).  This field is optional.