Web Ordering Overview


Through a secure hosted server and an active broadband Internet connection in your store, customers can order right off of your existing menu while browsing online.  Web orders are processed in the same way that typical in-store orders are processed; to your staff there is virtually no difference between an web order and an in-store order.  The orders are entered into your system automatically by the web ordering module.  Unlike third-party "online ordering" services that simply fax the orders to the store, there is no need to hand-enter the order into the system after it is received.  Also, web order credit card payments are processed with your current day’s credit card batch, just like in-store orders.


The web ordering module interfaces with Google Maps, ensuring accurate delivery information.  Also, customers may opt to receive 'status alerts' regarding their order.  These notifications can be sent via email or cellular phone text message.  The customer knows when their order has left with a delivery driver or is ready for in-store pickup, increasing customer satisfaction without any extra work required on the part of the store!


For information about adding web ordering module to your PrISM system, contact Microworks Sales.


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