Vendor Master List

The Vendor Master list will allow the user to input vendors into the system.  Vendors must be set up prior to entering invoices into the system.




Store Rule

Store rules are only used by a few specific franchises and must be set up by Microworks.  If the Store Rule drop-down list is blank, you can disregard it.


Purchase Order Sort

This option sorts invoices based on either Item Number or Sort Order.  See Add/Modify Invoice for more information about invoices, or Inventory Master for more information about inventory items.



If this option is checked, invoices created for this vendor will automatically add a line entry for every item that is available from this vendor.  The line items will start with a Quantity of zero, allowing you to simply set the proper quantities for the items you received.



Marking a vendor as inactive will stop it from appearing in the Vendor drop-down field in Add/Modify Invoice.