Update Customer Information Overview

From within the Marketing Module it is possible to edit all information regarding your customers, such as phone numbers and addresses, as well as viewing information such as the last time the customer ordered and how many timed they have ordered total.

When viewing the customer filter in the Marketing Module, double-clicking a customer record will open the Update Customer screen.  At the top of the window there are general customer options:


This is simply the name of the customer.



This is the customer's email address.


Tax Exempt

If a customer is marked tax exempt, any orders placed using their customer record will not be charged sales tax.  As such, this should only be enabled for customers whose purchases will be tax exempt at all times.



This marks the customer record as being VIP.  This does not affect the ordering process, but when creating a customer filter it is possible to only view customers marked as VIP.


Black List

Blacklisting a customer record prevents the customer from placing orders.


Accept Checks

If your store accepts checks, only customers marked as Accepting Checks will be able to use them.  The PrISM system can be set to either allow all new customers to accept checks by default, or to refuse the ability to write checks by default.  This option can only be changed by Microworks Tech Support.


Customer Comment

Here you can add a comment for this customer which will be seen on some receipts and reports.


In-Store Comment

Here you can add a comment for this customer which will only be seen in store.



Below the general settings, this window has three tabs; choose an option below for more information.