USB Software License Keylok

The installation of a USB software license keylok is required to unlock the full operational abilities of the PrISM software.  This keylok is provided with the purchase of the PrISM for Windows software.  This procedure must be performed after the installation of the software.


Installing Your USB Keylok

Below are the installation instructions for the USB keylok. Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Insert the USB keylok into any available USB port. The Found New Hardware Wizard will begin automatically. Choose Next.

  2. Select the Search for a suitable driver . . . option and choose Next.

  3. Select the Specify a location option and choose Next.

  4. Choose Browse to location the appropriate USB drivers.

  5. Navigate to the \vpsm\keylocusb folder.

  6. Highlight the USBKEY2K file and choose Open.

  7. Choose OK. This begins the installation of the driver files.

  8. After the files are copied, choose Next.

  9. Choose Finish to complete the USB driver installation.

Confirm that the drivers were installed successfully by opening the PrISM for Windows Manager Module and choosing Help | About PrISM.  In the Licensing Information window, you will see the Key Serial # as well as the appropriate amount of users licensed.  The key serial number will be a 4 digit numeric value.  If you do not see a serial number, or you see N/A listed, remove the USB keylok, restart your computer, and repeat the installation steps above.