A till is a physical cash drawer that is used by the PrISM system.  Multiple tills may be created based on your needs, such as for shift changes.  The PrISM system will track all transactions settled to each till being currently used by the system, allowing you the ability to properly settle and account for all sales activity.


In this section, you may add, delete, or modify tills currently set up in the system.  For more information on designating which stations default to which till numbers, please see Station Setup.


Till Number

This is the number assigned to the till. Valid till numbers fall in the range of 900 - 997.  Till number 998 is reserved for bad orders.



This will be the till name as it appears on reports.



You may enter a description of this till if desired.  This description is viewable in this screen only.


Cost Center

A specific Cost Center can be associated with this till.



This is used in a scenario where two physical drawers are used on the same station at the same time.  Contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


Allow Login

This is used to force an employee to login into the till.  Contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


Open Drawer on log in/out

This will pop open the cash drawer when logging in or out of the till.  Contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.