Till List

Each cash drawer's sales activity for the day is tracked by the PrISM system.  Each till used during the day must be reconciled at the end of each day for accurate store sales reporting.  This must be done before printing the Daily Paperwork Report as well as before running the End Of Day procedure.


Highlighting and selecting a till will open the Till Balance screen.  This screen is where cash is balanced for each till.  This screen reports all the activity recorded on this till, shows the starting till amount, and provides a place for entering the amount of cash actually present in the drawer.


Tip: All fields in this screen are static fields that are calculated automatically by the PrISM system with the exception of the Tender Amount field.


The operative fields on this screen are Tender Amount and Cash Short.  The Cash Sort number is the total amount or cash and checks in the till, including the starting amount.  If you are to count all of the money in a till at any given time, the total amount of cash and checks in it should be equal to the Cash Short number.


The Tender Amount field here is very similar to the Amt. Collected field in the Employee List.  At the end of the day, you should count all cash and checks in the till (including the starting amount) and enter the total in this field.  This is helpful for making sure that your drawer is not short or over.



This option will provide a summary of settlement activity for the till. This summary prints on a receipt-style printer.


Start Till

Selecting this button will allow you to modify the starting till amount.  The drawer will reset to this starting amount each time End of Day is run.



Displays all cash drops made from that till. Cash drops may also be made to a till.  The ability to make cash drops to a till on the PrISM system is optional; please contact Microworks Tech Support for more details on enabling this option.



Displays a summary of all orders settled to that till.  These are the sales that must be accounted for.  This summary can be printed when balancing the till.


Cash Count

Allows you to enter the cash in the drawer by denomination.  The total is automatically transferred to the Tender Amount on the Till Balance Screen.  Alternatively, a lump sum can be entered into the Tender Amount field directly.