Table Setup

This feature allows you to maintain your table layouts for each Table Section.  Each system normally ships with a default Table Layout.  It is recommended that you start with the existing layout and make changes rather than starting from a blank layout.  Any new Table Sections must be added prior to setting up the tables for that section.

Inserting a new Table

From the Table Setup browser, select the section you wish to change and press Select to open the Table Layout.

Press New, which will start the table wizard.

Press Finish.

Moving a Table

Tables may be moved by clicking on the table and dragging it to the proper position on the screen.

Multiple tables can be selected and moved by holding the shift key and clicking the additionalt tables.  When all the tables are selected, they may be dragged to a new position.

Aligning Multiple Tables

When the layout is done, select OK to save your current changes and then Exit.