The Inventory tab of the Location Maintenance is where you'll define a variety of system-wide variables detailed below.  Changes in this information will be reflected the next time the Ordering and/or Manager Modules are loaded.


Calculate Ideal Food

If this option is selected, the ideal food usage/cost will be automatically calculated when opening the Daily Inventory screen.  If you manually enter in food usage and/or you are not using the food cost feature of the PrISM system, this option should not be selected.  Doing so will result in the replacement of any usage information you may have entered for the day if the Daily Inventory screen is opened. Please contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


Alpha Sort Daily Inventory

If checked, this option will sort the Daily Inventory list alphabetically.  Otherwise, the list will be sorted by Sort Number as described in the Inventory Master section.


Order Forecast Days

This is the number of days Prism will go back to review order information, which is used to calculate income statement projections.  For example, if the Order Forecast Days is set to 14, Prism will look at the previous 14 days to calculate the projections used in the  income statements.


Customize Inv Cost Types

This is an advanced feature,  Please contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.