System Startup Procedures

Once the file server and workstations are setup and the network and printer cables are connected, everything should be ready to start your new PrISM system.  However, before you turn anything on, let's review the procedures for starting (or booting) the entire system as well as each workstation.


There are two basic procedures involved in successfully bringing your system on-line.  The first is the order in which you should start each workstation in the system.  The second is the order in which you should turn on the components at each individual workstation.


Starting the Entire System by Workstation

The order in which you start each workstation is dependent on the function of each computer.  Follow these steps to boot any PrISM POS system:

Note: If the file server or any print-serving station is turned off during full system operation, you may have to re-start (or re-boot) each workstation to avoid printer errors.  Always exit out to the Windows Desktop before restarting a computer.


Starting the Components at each Workstation

Always turn on the monitor (especially a touch screen monitor) and any printers physically connected to a workstation before turning on the computer.


Shutting Your System Down at Night

We believe it to be in your best interest to power down your entire system at night (a router/hub should always remain plugged in and powered on).  The file server must be the last machine turned off.  This procedure will protect the system in the event of an electrical storm or power outage that could damage your computers; See UPS Back-Up Power Supply.


Tip: Installing a dedicated power circuit for your new PrISM POS system ensures that the power supplied to your components is more stable and more easily controlled.