System Accounts


The System Accounts section controls the entries that appear on the Cash Paid Out, Money Received, and Deposit tabs of the Daily Paperwork, as well as the various accounts associated with the Income Statement.  Certain custom payment types that are configured by Microworks Tech Support may also appear here.  The system accounts pre-configured in the system should not be deleted.  A new system account can be set up by choosing the Add option.  When Add is clicked or an existing account is Selected, the following options appear:


Account Name

This is simply the name of the account.



This option marks the current System Account inactive, preventing it from being used.  This is often a better option than simply deleting the account, as an inactive account can be reactivated quite easily.



This allows you to define what type of system account you are configuring.  You can choose between Cash Paid Out, Money Received, Deposit, and Other.



This option allows you to make specific notes about this account.


Show on Reports:

This setting controls when the current system account appears on reports.  Choose one of the following options:



This setting controls where in the system this account can be used.  This not only depends on the setting here, but also the Type of the account (see above).  Click the adjustment type below to see the functionality for the two eligible account types.


Expense Type

This setting controls the expense category.  This setting only affects Income Statement accounts; the setting here determines which tab of the Income Statement the account will be available to.


Projection Type

This setting controls whether or not this account appears as a projection line on the Income Statement - Projections.  The following options are available:


Projection Value

This setting allows you to set a projection value.


Inv. Cost Type

This is used if you wish to link the system account to a certain inventory item.  This will allow you to deduct items from your on-hand inventory that are not traditional menu items; for example, flyers or door hangers.  In order to use this feature, you must be using the Inventory system.  For more information, contact Microworks Tech Support.