Setup Password Groups


Password Groups are essentially tiers of access; each group represents a set of permissions which is then assigned to one or more employees.  For example, a MANAGER password group would usually permit the user to run End of Day or do a No Sale to open a cash drawer, while a CASHIER group would not allow the user to access those functions.  To configure which system functions require a password, see Password Functions; to assign a group to an employee see Password Setup.


When Setup Password Groups is accessed, the initial screen is a list of the Password Groups already configured in the system.  Your PrISM system comes pre-configured with default groups; it is recommended that you tweak these existing groups to meet your needs rather than creating entirely new groups.  To edit an existing group, click on the group to highlight it and click Select.  To create a new group, click New.


To add a function to the Included list, simply click on the function to highlight it and click the "> Add" button.  This will move the function to the right-hand column.  If you wish to remove a function from the Included list, highlight the function in the right-hand column and click the "< Remove" button.

Note: The browser contains a "Super User" checkbox.  If this option is selected, members of the group are granted access to all functions regardless of any other options selected.