Setup Password Functions


The Password Functions section controls which features of the PrISM system require passwords and which don't.  The Password Functions browser is divided into various tabs representing different areas of the system.  Each function in the system has three corresponding checkboxes:



The Required setting simply answers the question "Should this function require a password at all?".  If Required is not checked, anyone will be able to access the function.  If Required is checked, the system will prompt for a password.  Which tiers of employees actually have access to which password protected functions is determined by Password Groups.



This option tells the system to record and save a video when the function in question is accessed.  These videos can be viewed in the Weekly Exceptions Report, assuming 'Log' is checked for this function (see below).   'Log' must be checked for any camera recording events.  In order to record video the system must have integrated cameras; if no cameras are present this option will simply not function.  Contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.



The Log option tells the system to record additional information about the event in the Weekly Exceptions Report.  Every time a password is used, an entry is created in the Weekly Exceptions browser.  If 'Log' is checked a second entry is created with additional information about the event.