Setup Custom Reports


Custom reports, also referred to as simple reports, allow you to custom-tailor reports that show only the information you want.  These reports can then be sent to one or more people via email and / or cellular phone text message; see Scheduled Reports for more information.


When Setup Custom Reports is accessed, the initial window displays a list of all custom reports already configured in the system.  To create a new custom report, click New.  To edit an existing report, click the report to highlight it and then click Select.


When creating a new custom report or editing an existing one, the following fields are accessible:


Report Name - This is simply a label for the report.  Give the report a distinctive name which will allow you to easily identify it later.


SMS Format - This option changes the report to a format which can be sent to a cellular phone as a text message.  


One Column / Two Column - This option changes the report's formatting; either all information will be aligned in one column or divided between two side-by-side columns.


Load Defaults - This resets the Field, Column, and Sort values to the original starting values for all report options


Field - This is the name of the piece of data that can be added to the custom report.  Directly to the left of this field is a checkbox; if the box is checked this value will appear on the report.  If the box is not checked the value will be excluded from the report.


Column - This field controls which column of the report this piece of data will appear in.  This corresponds with the One Column / Two Column option (see above).


Sort - This controls the order in which the data appears on the report.  All data is aligned into columns; the lower the Sort value, the higher the data will be in its column.  Data with a Sort of 1 will be at the top of the column, while data with a Sort of 99 will be at the bottom.  If multiple pieces of data are given the same Sort, they will be sorted alphabetically.