Setting Up Workstations


The first challenge will most likely be attaching the variety of devices that make up a workstation, such as the monitor, mouse, keyboard, network cable, and printer(s), to the back of each individual computer.  Fortunately, most devices have unique color-coded connectors or plugs (including parallel, serial, network, and video), that only have one corresponding port on the computer; inspect these connectors carefully.  Again, your System Component Diagram details the proper port for connecting most devices.


Microworks PrISM for Windows turn-key systems ship on Dell™ hardware.  While most PC form factors are somewhat standardized throughout the industry, the images contained within the links below reflect the general form factors of the Dell hardware provided by Microworks.

 NOTE: Before connecting or disconnecting any components, ensure that all components are powered off. Failing to do so may result in the malfunction of any devices you are attempting to connect.


System Component Diagrams:


Mini Tower (MANAGER1)


Low Profile (POS1)


Workstation Ventilation


Each computer needs enough space on all sides to provide unimpeded airflow for proper ventilation.  We recommend a minimum clearance of eight inches (8") on each side.  Never enclose the computer in a solid cabinet or box, or place it on or near a heating device.  


Tip: Check the computers periodically to ensure that no one has inadvertently placed objects in front of the air intake and exhaust panels.