The Server tab of the Location Maintenance is where you'll specify specific information relating to Server tips as well as a few miscellaneous options.  Changes in this information will be reflected the next time the Ordering Module is loaded.


Calculate Tips for Server w / o Personal Bank

 This option will allow servers who don't use a personal bank to collect tips.


Automatically Claim Credit Card Tips

 This option automatically adds credit card tips to the amount that employees claim when clocking out.


Track Covers

This option will display the Total Covers and Average Cover on the Daily Paperwork Report instead of the Average Pie and Average Oven numbers.


Track Dine-In Orders

 This option will allow the functionality of personal banks to be used for Servers.  Drivers always use a personal bank and are not affected by this flag.


Reduce Cash Short by Tips

 This option will deduct tips that the employee has collected for the day from the Cash Short number on the Employee List.


Force Declare Tip Type

 This option will force the employee to declare tips when clocking out from their current shift.


Server Claim Percentage

 This is the default percentage of sales that a server should be claiming as tips.