Scheduled Reports


The Scheduled Reports section is used to configure reports that are emailed out, saved as a new file, or printed out automatically, as well as when these events take place.  In order to email reports, the Email tab of Location Maintenance must be configured properly and the contacts you wish to send the reports to must be set up in Contacts.


When Scheduled Reports is accessed, the first window displays a list of all scheduled reports that are currently configured.  To create a new scheduled report, click New.  To edit an existing scheduled report, click on the report to highlight it and click Select.


Report Information tab - Shared Settings


The following options are shared by all report types.  Certain reports have additional settings to configure, see the Report-Specific Settings section below for more information.



This is simply a name for the scheduled report.



Choose the type of report you wish to send from this list.  If you want to send a custom report that was configured previously, choose the Custom Report option.  Different reports allow different options to be applied to them.  When the report type is set, only options applicable to the report type will be displayed.  See the Report-Specific Settings section below for more information about each report.



The format in which the report is sent can be set here.  You may choose between a PDF file (opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader), or HTML (able to be read natively by most email clients, can also be opened in a web browser such as Internet Explorer).



Choose the time frame for the report here.


End of date range

This option becomes available for reports with a Date (see above) that encompasses a time frame greater than one day; for example "This Week".  When this option is selected, the scheduled report will only activate on the last day of the date range.  For example, a Weekly Recap report with this option checked will be sent on the last day of the business week.  If this option is not checked, the report will be sent each day.


No Filter / Report Filter / Cost Center

If you wish to apply a report filter or a cost center to the report, you may set it here.  If not, leave this option at No Filter.


Export Type

This setting controls how the report actually behaves.  The following options are available:



This controls when the scheduled report activates.  The following options are available:


Report Information tab - Report-Specific Settings


Some report types have additional options to configure.  Choose a report type below for more information.



Email tab


When 'Email Report To' is selected as the Export Type (see "Report Information tab - Shared Settings" section above) the Email tab becomes available.


This tab contains a list of all contacts previously configured in the Contacts section of the system.  Check the box in the far left column for each contact you would like to send the report to.  The far right column will send a test email to the corresponding contact; if the test email reaches the contact's email any reports sent will reach them as well.