Sales Receipts

QIM creates a sales receipt to capture each day's sales activity for each store.  Since QIM supports both income and expense accounts on a Sales Receipt, the balance of each day's Sales Receipt will always be zero.  Both the PrISM Daily Paperwork screen and QIM use the Cash Short/Over account to balance each day's sales activity.  Food and Beverage Sales figures along with Cash Paid Out, Money Received, and Deposits should all be reflected on each day's Sales Receipt.



Supported Transactions

QIM presently supports the ability to create Sales Receipts to capture each store's daily sales activity, Sales Invoices to handle orders placed on account, and Bills to handle PrISM system Invoices or Cost of Goods Sold.  Invoices and Sales Receipts are located under the QuickBooks Navigator Customers center and Bills are located by the Navigator in the Vendors center. S ince third party integration is a relatively new feature of QuickBooks (only supported in versions 2002 and beyond), this is still an area where future releases of PrISM plan to expand functionality.