The Routing tab of Location Maintenance is where you'll specify general information relating to the routing of deliver orders.  Changes in this information will be reflected the next time the Ordering Module is loaded.


Mark Lates Automatic

When selected, the PrISM system will automatically flag orders that surpass the Auto Late Minutes setting (see below) as being late.


Auto Late Minutes

This is the number of minutes that may pass prior to an order being routed to a driver before the order is flagged as late.  This field works in conjunction with the Mark Lates Automatic field.


Route Late Order Warn

Orders that are waiting to be routed to a driver will begin to flash when they reach the dormant time defined by this field.  This serves as a visual warning that the order is about to become a late order.  To disable this option, simply enter a zero value.


Estimated Delivery Minutes

This is the number of minutes which will be added to the time a delivery order is placed.  This is used to calculate the Estimated Delivery Time, which can be displayed on the ordering screen at the completion of a delivery order.  See the Order Process Tab of Order Type Setup for more information.


Map Point Address

If the store address configured on the General Tab is unable to be located in Map Point, an alternate store address can be entered here.  If the store can not be located in Map Point, the mapping functionality will not work properly.


Passwords on Router

Selecting this option will cause the routing station to prompt for the driver's password to route orders and to check in drivers.


No Passwords on Route Screen

This is the default setting.  This allows employees free access to route drivers out and check them back in without requiring a password.


Password on Entry

This causes the system to require a password to enter the routing module.  If Advanced Passwords are in use, this setting must be configured there as well in order to function properly.


Password on Route

This causes the system to require the driver's password to assign orders to his or her run.


Password on Entry and Route

This causes the system to require a password to both enter the routing module and route orders.