Room Charges

In this section, you'll create and modify Room Charge accounts which have been issued to customers.  Room Charge accounts are very similar in function to Customer Accounts.





Highlighting and selecting a Gift Certificate number opens the Account Setup screen.



This button will close the Gift Certificate list.



Choose Add to create a new Gift Certificate account.



Choose Delete to remove a Gift Certificate account.



Room Number

Specify the room number in this field.



If the account has become inactive, and you do not wish to delete the account, select this option.


Swipe #

Choose the Swipe # to assign a swipe card to this room number account.



Transaction History Tab


This section details account history, including payments, credits, and balance.  Invoices may be generated from this screen as well.


Add Payment

Choose this option to add a payment to this account.


Credit Account

Choose this option to apply a credit, or payment, to this account.


Print Invoice

Choose this option to print a invoice for this account.


Print Statement

Choose this option to print a statement for this account.


Transaction Type

You may choose which type of transactions to view by selecting either "SALE" or "PAYMENT" from this drop-down selection list.


Start / End Date

The transaction history may be filtered on a specific date range.