Report Filters

Report Filters can be set up to filter PrISM reports based on a variety of selected criteria.  These are used in the same manner as Cost Centers; however, a report filter can contain duplicate criteria per filter whereas Cost Centers may not.


When a report is run, a report filter can be selected, creating more specific reporting figures.  When a report has been generated using a filter, the report will reflect which filter was used at the top of the page.


To create a Report Filter, simply assign it a name and then choose which components are used in factoring data.  There are many system and user-defined options that can be used in creating the filter.  All available parameters are visible in the right-hand column, while the components that are actually part of the filter are in the left-hand column.

To add a component to a filter, simply click on the component to highlight it and click the "<<" button.  This will move the component from the right-hand column to the left-hand column.  If you wish to remove a component from the filter, highlight the component in the left-hand column and click the ">>" button.

To add a Customer Filter as a component in a Report Filter, the Customer Filter must be set up in the Marketing Module first.