Recipe Cost Manager

The Recipe Cost Manager provides the ability to specify which inventory items, and in what amounts, are always used to assemble a given menu item.  This aides in the providing accurate food cost calculations. Prior to continuing through this setup, all Inventory Items must be entered and set up completely prior to entering your recipe information.


When first accessed, the Recipe Cost Manager displays a list of all menu items currently set up in the PrISM system.  Choose the item you wish to configure and press Select to enter the setup.


There are three main sections to the Recipe Cost Manager: Recipe Cost, Ingredients, and Modifiers.


Recipe Cost

This section provides specific details about the costs associated with an individual menu item.


Item Price

This is the menu price of the item.


Recipe Cost

This is the total cost of the inventory items used to assemble the menu item.


Cost %

This is relative percentage between the cost of assembly and the menu price.


Order Type

If your menu is configured to use order type-specific pricing, select the order type you wish to view.



If the item can be ordered in multiple sizes, choose the size in question.




In this section, specify the inventory items that will always be used to assemble the menu item.  Choose Add or Remove as necessary.


Inv. Item

Choose an inventory item that is used to assemble the menu item.



Specify the portion amount used of the respective inventory item.


Portion Unit

This is the unit measurement for the respective inventory item.



Based on the portion cost of the inventory item, multiplied by the portion amount used for the menu item, the total cost for the respective inventory item is calculated.


Order Type

In some cases, inventory items included with a menu item may be dependant on the order type.  For example, utensils may not be provided on a carry-out order but would be included on a deliver order.  This drop-down selection box will allow you to specify when an item should be included based on the order type.  If this field is left blank, then it is assumed that the inventory item is always included regardless of order type.




In this section, specify any applicable modifiers that are included with the menu item.  Choose Add or Remove as necessary.



Specify the modifier quantity to be included with the menu item.



This is the list from which a modifier originates.



The modifier included with the menu item.



Based on the portion amount of the modifier, multiplied by the quantity of the modifier, the total cost for the respective modifier is calculated.