Special Instructions

UPS Back-Up Power Supply

This device will help protect your File Server from power surges, sags, or outages while the system is in operation.  In the event of a total power outage, the Back-Up Power Supply will provide enough time to "gracefully" exit all PrISM functions and power down the File Server.  It will not function as an indefinite supply of power - you only get about 8-10 minutes of uninterrupted power, assuming a maximum charge.  Charge the unit for at least six hours before installation.


Tip: Read the Manufacturer's User Manual for complete operating procedures.



Cleaning & Maintenance

Your hardware will be subjected to heavy use and is most likely going to be located in an environment that will expose it to a variety of possible contaminants.  There is no reason to be alarmed; our hardware is time tested, and more than capable of operating uninterrupted in this environment.  However, there are some basic steps you can take to maintain the appearance and operation of this equipment.