RMA Policies

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

If for some reason you need to have your Microworks hardware serviced, two options are available: warranty repair, or the "Hot Spares" program.  Our "Hot Spares" Program has been designed to minimize down time due to hardware failure.



To qualify for warranty repair or the Hot Spares Program:

  1. You must have a current support contract.

  2. Hardware must be within the respective warranty.

  3. Any hardware being replaced must be received within (10) days (only applicable to Hot Spares).

How it works:

When you are having hardware problems, you need to contact Microworks Technical Support as early as possible to diagnose the problem.  The number is (585) 787-2058, option 1. You will need to supply the following information:

Warranty Repair

If a hardware problem is diagnosed, you may send the hardware to Microworks for warranty repair at no charge.  You are responsible for shipping the hardware to Microworks.  After the hardware has been repaired, Microworks will ship the hardware back to you in the most similar available manner to the way you shipped it in originally;  if the hardware is shipped in Ground shipping, it will be returned to you via Ground shipping.  If you would like to expedite the shipping back, you would simply pay the difference between the shipping types.  If it is determined that the hardware failure was caused by physical damage or if the hardware is damaged during shipping due to improper packaging, additional charges may apply as the repair would no longer be covered under warranty.


Hot Spares Program

If you do not wish to wait for a warranty repair, you may take advantage of our Hot Spares program.  A "Hot Spare" will be shipped to replace the bad component, with a return address label included for the bad unit. This is considered a "Good Faith Replacement", or GFR.


You will be given an RMA # for the bad component.  The bad component must be returned to Microworks within 10 business days or you will be billed for the GFR.  All hardware must be shipped in its original packaging, and be properly insured.  Return shipment is the responsibility of the customer per the signed store contract.


Depending on the age of the hardware, there may be a "swap" charge to use this program.  Also, Microworks may require a credit card hold for the cost of the replacement unit.  This hold is released once Microworks receives the bad component back.

Note: The hardware warranty requires that all returned equipment be shipped in the manufacturer's original packaging.  If improperly packaged equipment is damaged in shipment, you will be billed for the value of that equipment.  It is important to properly insure and track shipments.