QuickBooks Interface Module

The PrISM QuickBooks Interface Module, or QIM, provides a convenient bridge between the PrISM system and the QuickBooks accounting system.  Daily sales statistics, customer orders on account, and vendor account activity are all transferred via an efficient .XML-based interface.  As each day is closed in PrISM by running End-Of-Day, .XML files are created locally on the system file server and later moved to the QuickBooks server.


PrISM QuickBooks Interface

The setup detail for the QIM interface is handled in PrISM by the Setup QuickBook Interface screen.  If this menu option is not available, then your location may not be properly licensed to use QIM; please contact Microworks Sales for more information.  Once the QuickBooks Interface screen has been loaded, most locations will only need to click the defaults button in the lower left corner of the navigation toolbar to properly configure QIM.



If you wish to customize your configuration, this is where your changes need to take place.  There are several important things to keep in mind about this setup screen:

The Whole Process

The actual process of interfacing your store's PrISM data to your QuickBooks server can take place at any time interval; daily, weekly or when ever you're ready.  Store data must flow from your PrISM POS through QIM into your QuickBooks accounting system.  The step-by-step process breaks down as follows.

Once QIM has successfully imported your store sales and expense data, QuickBooks functions as it normally would.  All Billing, Reporting, and Graphing options are available - the entire QuickBooks feature set.


There are a number of ways of designing the .XML transfer between your store file server and your QuickBooks file server.  You can use a dial-up connection, an Internet-based broadband connection, or simply a floppy disk.  If you would like help customizing your QIM data communications, or any other aspect of this interface, please contact Microworks Sales to discuss the details.


QuickBooks Bills

QIM will create a QuickBooks Bill for every Invoice/Delivery created in PrISM. This will allow all purchases created in PrISM - "Food", "Beverage", "Paper", and "Other" - to flow directly to the appropriate QuickBooks accounts.

Tip: In order for this process to function correctly, the Vendor list in PrISM must match the vendor list in QuickBooks. Each list must be an exact match with the exception that they are not case sensitive.