QuickBooks /PrISM Version Requirements

The PrISM QuickBooks Interface Module requires that QuickBooks Pro 2002 or higher be installed on the computer that will serve as the QuickBooks server and that PrISM for Windows be installed on the computer that will serve as the PrISM server.  It's important to note that the default values for QIM have been configured for the QuickBooks Industry type of "Restaurant" which is selected when running the 'New Company Setup Wizard' in QuickBooks - see graphic below.



The New Company Setup Wizard in QuickBooks will create a Chart of Accounts that is pre-configured for the restaurant industry.  The default configuration of QIM relies on this chart of accounts to map daily PrISM transactions to your QuickBooks company data.  Once this data is in QuickBooks, all of the functions of QuickBooks will be available; you are not limited in any way simply because the data was not hand entered into QuickBooks.


Data Communications Requirements

If the PrISM system file server and QuickBooks are running on the same computer, QIM will not require a data communications component. However, if QuickBooks is located in a remote facility, a communications link will need to be established.  This link can take many forms - from a basic floppy disk to a DSL data transfer.  Files must be moved from the \vpsm\qbxml folder on the PrISM file server to a unique subdirectory on the QuickBooks server.  If multiple store locations will be transferred, a directory tree must be created with a separate subdirectory for each store.