QIM creates an Invoice to capture each Account order placed in the PrISM POS system.  An account should be created in PrISM for each customer that will be allowed to place on order on account.  When placing an order on account, PrISM verifies the customer account balance so a non-zero Credit Limit must be specified.




In order to accurately track these account transactions in QuickBooks, an account must also be created in QuickBooks for billing and aging proposes.  It's important to note that the Customer name in QuickBooks must match the Company name in PrISM or QIM account transactions will be rejected.




Once customer accounts have been created in PrISM and QuickBooks, orders placed on account from any PrISM POS station will cause QIM to create the proper invoice in QuickBooks.




From this point, all billing and reporting options will be available through QuickBooks just as if the invoice was created in QuickBooks long hand.



Supported Transactions

QIM presently supports the ability to create Sales Receipts to capture each store's daily sales activity, Sales Invoices to handle orders placed on account, and Bills to handle PrISM system Invoices or Cost of Goods Sold.  Invoices and Sales Receipts are located under the QuickBooks Navigator Customers center and Bills are located by the Navigator in the Vendors center.  Since third party integration is a relatively new feature of QuickBooks (only supported in versions 2002 and beyond), this is still an area where future releases of PrISM plan to expand functionality.