Product Code

Primary and Secondary Product Codes are used to group menu items together for sales reporting purposes.  Primary Product Codes group sales on the Daily Paperwork Report.  You are limited to six Primary codes but may have as many additional codes as you wish.  These additional codes would be considered Secondary Product Codes.  The primary codes are designated with a check under "Primary Group?".  Every menu item should be assigned a Primary Product Code.

Note: Reports throughout the system are formatted for six Primary Product codes.  If you assign more than six Primary Product Codes to your menu items, all sales figures for the additional codes will be added to the sixth Product Code line on the report, skewing the numbers.  It is strongly recommended that you have no more than six Primary Product codes attached to your menu items.


For more detailed reporting you may also set up Secondary Product Codes.  Each menu item can have both a Primary and Secondary Product Code.  This secondary code is used to run the Secondary Mix Sheet.



This is a user-defined description of the group of menu items to be listed under this Product Group.


3-Digit Abbreviation

A unique three-character code must be assigned to each Product Group.


Primary Group?

Selecting this option will flag this group as a Primary Product group.  Only the groups that are flagged as Primary will report sales figures on the Daily Paperwork Report.  It is highly recommended that you have no more than six groups marked as primary, for reasons noted above.


Sequence on Reports

This simply sets the order in which these groups appear on the respective Product Mix reports.