Printer Setup

In this section, you'll define each physical peripheral device that is used by the PrISM system. This is generally comprised of receipt printers, kitchen printers , and cash drawers.  Though many references throughout this section are made to printers, cash drawers are also created and modified in this section.

Note: Unless directed by Microworks Tech Support, please do not modify any of these settings. Any unnecessary modifications can result in system failure.


Device Name

Enter the name of the device as it will be used by the PrISM system.


Device Path

This is the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path, as used by Microsoft Windows, for this device.  For example, if a receipt printer is connected to a machine labeled POS1 and the printing device itself is called POS1RCT, then the device path would be \\POS1\POS1RCT.


Backup Device

Choose another device to act as a backup in case PrISM cannot print to this device.


Device Type

Choose whether this device is a printer, a cash drawer, a makeline monitor, a pole display, or a camera text overlay module.


Printer Type

Select the applicable printer model.  If unsure as to what model printer you are configuring, contact Microworks Tech Support.


Cash Drawer Type

This section becomes viewable only when the device is a cash drawer.  The following options must be defined for the cash drawer: