Pricing Level Exceptions

Pricing Levels allow you to override pricing based on various parameters, such as time of day, a certain coupon being used, a certain menu item or modifier being ordered, or a combination thereof.  Pricing Levels are used in conjunction with Advanced Pricing.  If you are using levels to dictate when pricing should change, this will be where you specify when the level takes effect.  Levels are an advanced feature of the system, it is recommended that you contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


General Tab



Level Name

This is simply the name of the level you are setting up.


Level Type

This tells the PrISM system if this level controls pricing or printing.  Nearly all levels are Pricing Levels.  For more information about Printer Levels, contact Microworks Tech Support.


Level Priority

Level Priority is used to establish a hierarchy among competing Levels.  Level Priority should remain at the default of 0 unless directed otherwise by Microworks Tech Support.



If Inactive is checked, the level will be ignored by the PrISM system.  It is often a better idea to mark an unused Level inactive rather than deleting it.


Triggered By

Levels can be triggered by a number of different factors.  The most common is Time of Day, which can be combined with any of the options below it.  In the example above "Time of Day" and "None" are selected, meaning the LUNCH SPECIAL level will activate automatically at certain days and times (which are set on the Time of Day tab at the top of the window).  If "Time of Day" and "Coupon" were selected, the Level would only activate if a certain coupon was used, and even then only during the days and times configured in the Time of Day tab at the top of the window.




Time of Day Tab



The Time of Day tab unlocks when "Time of Day" is checked on the General tab of Level Setup.


In the example above, the Level is active from 11 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday.


Two options are available for level status on the respective day:

Level Applies - The level will activate during the selected times.

Level does not apply - The level will not activate during the selected times.


Select the desired option and click the specified day and time to change the setting.  As a short cut, the left mouse button can be held down and dragged over the calendar to select multiple times.


You may also switch the view between 30 minute increments and 15 minute increments to allow for more precise scheduling.




Advanced Tab


The Advanced Tab allows the Level being configured to be overridden by a different Level if certain criteria are met.  This is a very advanced feature of the system and should only be used under the direction of Microworks Tech Support.