Pay Types

The Pay Types tab of Location Maintenance provides the ability for you to select which credit pay types are an accepted form of payment.  Checks and Gift Certificates are included in this list of pay types as some establishments may accept one, both, or neither.  Simply choose which pay types are accepted and when an order is settled, these will be the only options available in addition to cash.  To configure a tender type, simply double-click it.  Once double clicked, the following options appear:


Type Name

This is the name of the tender type.  This name will appear on the settlement screen of the ordering module.



This field allows you to set a tender type surcharge (1.00 fee to pay by check, for example).  In order for this to function, "Ask for pay type" must be enabled in the Order Process section of Order Type Setup.  Please check state and local laws and any credit card processing contracts before configuring a tender type surcharge.



Simply check this box if you accept this form of payment, and un-check it if you don't.


Ask Number

This option causes the payment type to ask for a card or account number.  This box is only available for custom payment types that are configured for you by Microworks Tech Support.  For all "standard" payment types this box is grayed out.