Every employee should have a unique numeric password for the PrISM system.  It is important to have each individual employee set up with a unique password.  This ensures accurate tracking of exceptions as well as provides better overall PrISM system security.  Do not give everyone the same password; let employees know they are responsible for how their password is used.


Password setup is divided into three parts: Password Functions, Password Groups, and finally the passwords themselves.  


Password Functions control which aspects of the system require a password in general.  This should be configured first.


Password Groups determine which functions each class of employee has access to; for example the MANAGER group will have higher access than the SERVER group, while the OWNER group will have the highest access of all.  These groups should be configured after Functions, but before the actual passwords themselves.


The final step is to actually set the individual employee's password and group.


User Name

This is the user name that appears on the exception reports when the password is used.  Be sure that you will be able to recognize the employee by this name alone.


Employee #

This is the employee number which was configured for the employee in the Employee File.



Type the employee's password in this field.


Password Group

Assign a password group to the employee here.