The Ordering tab of the Location Maintenance is where you'll define a variety of ordering-related variables.  These include customer order history and order prep times.  Changes in this information will be reflected the next time the Ordering Module is loaded.


Use Customer Last Order

The PrISM system has the ability to track customer order history.  When this option is selected, a customer's order history will be presented on the order check screen with options for selecting previous orders.  


Maximum of orders retrieved

When used in conjunction with Customer Last Order, you may specify the number of history orders to display when a repeat customer places an order.


Timed Order Check Interval (seconds):

This option determines how long the PrISM system will wait before it scans for orders that have been placed for a future time/date.  Generally, it is not necessary to modify the default value of 15 seconds.


Sales Tax

This is the total sales tax for your location.


Note: Changing the sales tax rate will update every order in the system (on the current day) to have the new rate, including orders that have already been settled.  This can cause issues adding gratuities to orders, as an increase in the tax rate will cause a closed order to suddenly have a 1-2 cent remaining balance.  If the tax rate needs to be changed, it is highly recommended that you do so prior to the store's opening, before any orders are taken for the day.



Use Comeback Coupon

As part of the PrISM systems ability to track customer ordering history, Comeback Coupons can be created to target specific customers based on the frequency, or infrequency, of their ordering habits.  For more detailed information, see Comeback Coupon setup.  The system must be setup to use either Comeback Coupons, Buyer's Club (see below), or Neither.


Use Buyer's Club

The Buyer's Club works off of a point system, where point values can be setup based on order ticket totals.  In turn, points can be awarded to customers each time they order if they meet your minimum requirements.  The customer can then use these points in the form of coupons, which you'll define, for future use.  For more detailed information, see Buyer's Club Setup.  The system must be setup to use either Comeback Coupons (see above), Buyer's Club, or Neither.


Customer Survey Invitation

This option enables a customer satisfaction survey to be printed along with a cash receipt.  The survey is created under Ordering | Customer Survey.


Force Street Check

This option forces the order taker to choose a valid street when entering a customer's address information.  If not checked, the order taker may enter any street any number of ways.  It's generally a good rule of thumb to have this option enabled to ensure accurate delivery instructions.


Currency Selection

Generally, this field will be set to U.S. dollars, though it may be set to other currency standards when applicable.


Currency Conversion

This is the conversion rate for the alternate currency selection.  If this conversion rate is set to a number other than zero, a 'Currency' button will appear on the Settle screen of the ordering module.  When settling an order, if the Currency button is selected, the subtotal, discount, tax, total and the amount tendered will be converted the alternate currency.