Networking The Workstations

The ability of your new PrISM POS system to run on multiple computers simultaneously is accomplished through computer technology called networking.  Networking requires all computers to be linked together with network cables and a Networking Device.

Installing the Networking Device: Depending on whether or not you have internet capabilities at your store you will have received one of two possible Networking devices.  A Networking Device is the central point where all network cables meet and is required to network more than two computers.  A Microworks technician requested that you pre-determine the location for this device so that the network cables could be prepared to length.  

Broadband Internet Access: If you have broadband Internet access, i.e. a Cable Modem or DSL modem, you will be given a Router.   Microworks Technical Support will configure your Internet service once it is active at your store, please contact us first before trying to set up the internet.  Please specify if asked by your Internet provider that you need a plain broadband modem, not one with routing capabilities, or a firewall.  Routing and firewall functions are taken care of by your router we have provided.  If your modem does have routing capability/firewall, ask your Internet provider to place it into “bridge mode”.  If your Internet connection requires authentication (ie. a username and password) or any other special settings please have these ready before contacting us.  If you have any questions on this please contact Microworks Technical Support!



Back of Linksys 8-Port Router.

The Internet port is used for connecting your Cable or DSL modem to the Router.  For connecting your computers use ports 1-8 for MANAGER1 through POS7.  Depending on the number of computers in your system, you may have received a 4-port router instead of the pictured 8-port.

NOTE: Do not ever hit the reset button on the router!  The router contains custom settings for your system. Should you need to change something or have an internet problem, please first contact Microworks Technical Support!

Dial-up or no Internet access: If you have a dial-up connection or no connection to the internet you will receive an 8-Port Switch with your system.  This is used for an internal network only.  If at any time you upgrade to using broadband internet access please contact Microworks Sales to obtain a broadband kit, which includes a router to replace your switch.  Below is an image of a switch.


D-link 8-Port Switch

Running Network (& Printer) Cables: Your network cables (and serial printer cables, if applicable) were manufactured to lengths based on the measurements provided.  Please refer to the System Component Diagram to determine which cable should run to which workstation.  When running your cables, do not pull them by the end connectors as this may damage the cable rendering it inoperable.  Always coil network/printer wires, do not bunch or “figure eight” the wires as this will damage them.


NOTE: DO NOT PULL CABLES BY THE END CONNECTORS - this could damage the connector and render the device they plug into inoperable.  To pull cables, grasp the cable itself.  If circumstances require you to use something besides your hands, such as a string or wire, be certain to attach it to the cable itself and NOT the connector.