Network Protocols

PrISM for Windows running on a Windows operating system uses a precise network protocol known as TCP/IP.  TCP/IP is an effective and efficient way to allow several Windows-based computers to talk to one another as well as share files and printers.


Specifying TCP/IP properties may differ slightly between various Windows operating systems.  Please refer to your operating system's online help for instructions.  While the various setup procedures may differ, the TCP/IP protocol should be set up with the following parameters:

  1. IP address: 192.168.1.(100-250) - The fourth octet will range from 100 - 250, with the MANAGER1 computer being 100 and the rest of the computers incrementing accordingly.

  2. Subnet Mask: - This ensures that all computers are communicating with each other on the same level of the local area network.

Note: The DNS server addresses should be left blank on "station" class machines.  The Default gateway is only used if you have a router configured for use with your system.