Menu Groups

This section is where all menu groups, as well as group sizes, are created and modified.  Each menu item that is offered for sale must fall under a specific menu group.


Basic Tab


Group Name

This is the name of the menu group as it appears on the ordering screen and on reports.  Each name must be unique.


Sort Number

This field only applies to Group Sizes and the order in which they appear on the ordering screen.  Sort order is not applicable for menu groups due to the Menu Setup feature.



This hides the group and all items in it from the Ordering Module.


Use Group Sizes

Check this box only if this menu group is the parent group of a set of sub groups.  For example, Beverages would be a parent group and 12 oz, 20 oz, and 1 liter would all be sub groups or group sizes.


No Half Modifiers

Checking this box will prohibit the order taker from adding modifiers to fractions of the item.


Parent Group

If this Menu Group is a sub group or group size, select the parent menu group it is associated with here.


Allow Size Change

This option is only applicable when Group Sizes are being used along with the "Use Size Box" option.  This allows you to change the size of a menu item on the fly, rather than having to remove and reselect the item if the customer changes their mind about the size desired. For more information, please contact Microworks Tech Support.


Cost Center

A cost center can be selected here to attach this menu group to a specific cost center.  If not using cost centers this field should be left blank.


Show Product Mix Detail

When selected this allows a detailed breakdown by menu items of this group to print on the Product Mix Report.  If not checked only a subtotal will print.


Alpha Sort Items

This option will change the sort orders of the items in the group to sort them alphabetically.


Advanced Tab


Use size box

This activates the vertical size box which appears to the left of the item or modifier screen.  This provides the ability to list either item sizes or actual menu items in this size box.


Items in size box

Select this option if you'd like the menu items associated with the group to be listed in the vertical size box.  This is most commonly used for pizzas, where the size is actually the menu item itself.



This is only used on systems with Online Ordering.  This controls whether the group (and all items in it) are available in store only, on the web only, or both in store and on the web.


Store Rule

Store rules are only used by multi-store franchises that share a "master" menu, and even then only in specific circumstances.  The vast majority of users can disregard this field.  This is an advanced feature of the system and should only be modified by Microworks Tech Support.


Screen Name

PrISM for Windows provides a variety of screen layouts, called Screen Names.  The Screen Name sets the number of buttons that appear on the menu screen when the group is accessed, as well as whether or not the Size Bar and Modifier Bar appear.  Please contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


Get Image

PrISM for Windows supports the use of button images for menu groups.  Microworks provides a set of generic images that can be used.  Simply click on Get Image and select the appropriate image.


Any image that resides on the Manager's computer can be used as an icon.  These include digital camera photos, clip art, and images downloaded from the Internet.  Please be sure to follow any applicable licensing and/or copyright guidelines.  You may also contact the Microworks Sales for information on how we can help you get pictures of your specific menu items and modifiers loaded onto your system.


Clear Image

This option will remove the selected image from the touch button.


No Stretch

By default, button images will be skewed to fit the square shape required.  However, this may distort the image.  If so, choose this option as this returns the image to its normal shape.  You'll have to decide which image looks the best.


Transparent Image

If the image you have chosen is a transparent (.GIF) image, this choice will allow you to either display or hide the background.


Web Sort

This controls the order in which Groups appear on the Online Ordering page.  The lower the sort order, the higher the group will be in the list.


Web Label

Text entered here will appear on the Online Ordering page instead of the Group Name.  This is an optional field.


Web Thumb

You may enter the path to an image here.  The image will be displayed next to the Group Name (or Web Label) on the Online Ordering page.  There are specific size and format requirements for this image, contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


Web Image

You may enter a path to an image here.  The image will be displayed in the header of the group page when the group is selected.  There are specific size and format requirements for this image, contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.