Level Setup

Levels are provided to give you more control over date/time conditional pricing requirements as well as the ability to define where items print or display under certain circumstances.  There are two types of levels available in the PrISM system: Pricing and Printer.

Level Name

Assign a name to the level being created.  Make this name unique to better identify its function throughout the PrISM system.


Pricing Level

Select this option if the level being created will be affecting item pricing.


Printing Level

Select this option if the level being created will be affecting how items may print to kitchen printers or displayed on a Makeline Monitor.


Level Priority

This option is only available for pricing levels.  If multiple pricing levels are being used, this field will set the priority of the level if used in conjunction with another level.  The lower the number, the greater priority the level has.  For example, you offer a lunch special Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where all pasta dishes are $1.00 lower than normal price.  In this example, the level for this pricing exception is "10".  However, on Tuesdays, you offer a spaghetti dish that is $2.00 lower than the normal price all day long.  The level for this pricing exception would be set to "9", giving it a higher priority when the PrISM system checks for pricing exceptions.  When 11 a.m. approaches, you do not want the spaghetti dish to respect the level 10 pricing exception because this Tuesday special is an "all day" special.  This allows a tighter control over pricing on an individual item.


Triggered By

This option simply allows you to chose how the pricing level is activated. The options are:



Time of Day Tab

In this grid, you will select the appropriate time frame for which the level applies.  To select, left-click and drag with your mouse.  As you move the mouse while still holding the left mouse button, your selection will appear in the grid.


The Time of Day tab unlocks when "Time of Day" is checked on the General tab of Level Setup.


Two options are available for level status on the respective day:

Level Applies - The level will activate during the selected times.

Level does not apply - The level will not activate during the selected times.


Select the desired option and click the specified day and time to change the setting.  As a short cut, the left mouse button can be held down and dragged over the calendar to select multiple times.


You may also switch the view between 30 minute increments and 15 minute increments to allow for more precise scheduling.


Advanced Tab

The Advanced Tab allows the Level being configured to be overridden by a different Level if certain criteria are met.  This is a very advanced feature of the system and should only be used under the direction of Microworks Tech Support.