In this section, you'll define all setup options for label printing.




Label Type

The PrISM Marketing Module supports three Avery-compatible label formats - 4144, 5160, and 5335.  Choose the correct format for your printing needs.


Always use Customer Name

When selected, the label will always print the value listed as the customer name, even if that value is blank.


Always use "Address to Name"

You may wish to use a specific name to which mailings are addressed.  If so, choose this option and enter the appropriate name within the 'Address to Name' field detailed below.


Use "Address to Name" if Customer Name is blank

If the customer name field is blank, this option will use the 'Address to Name' detailed below rather than printing a blank line for the customer name.


Address to Name

If using this option, enter the default name to be used.


Address Line 2

You may wish to add an alternate addressee name, such as "Or Current Resident" - commonly used on mailings to accommodate people that have moved.