Installing PrISM Remotely

With turnkey systems purchased through Microworks, the PrISM software will already be installed on all workstations on your system.  There are two main components of the PrISM software - the PrISM Manager Module and the Ordering Module.  The Ordering Module may be installed/reinstalled remotely as long as the workstation that requires the installation can access the MANAGER computer over the network.


A new installation of the Ordering Module may be required if additional workstations are added to your PrISM system in accordance with software licensing agreements.  A reinstallation of the Ordering Module may be required in the event of a station malfunction requiring replacement of hardware of operating system.


The following steps are used for installing the Ordering Module over the network:

  1. Using the Windows Explorer, browse to the MANAGER computer.

  2. Open the VPSM folder. This should be a shared folder on the MANAGER computer.

  3. Open the Netsetup folder that is located within the VPSM folder.

  4. Locate and double-click on Netsetup.exe. This will launch the remote installation utility.

  5. Left-click on Next for all default prompts, choosing Finish when the setup is complete.

  6. Restart the workstation. This completes the remote installation of the Ordering Module.

As an a alternative to using the Windows Explorer to locate and launch the installation utility, you may launch the utility from the Windows Desktop by choosing Start | Run and entering \\manager1\vpsm\netsetup\netsetup.exe. Choose OK to begin the installation. With this method, "manager1" would be the name of the file server on which the PrISM software resides.