Installing PrISM for Windows

Follow these procedures carefully to install the PrISM for Windows software package.  Failure to follow all instructions may result in the inability to operate your PrISM software.  It is highly recommended that you perform any software installation during Microworks’ normal business hours.

Note: Do not attempt to install the PrISM for Windows software on a turnkey system.  Doing so will overwrite all existing pre-configured PrISM information.


Installing on the Manager computer:

  1. Exit out of any open Windows applications.

  2. Insert the PrISM for Windows CD into your CD-ROM drive.  The installation will automatically begin. If it does not, select Start | Run and browse to the CD drive and select the file named PrISMLiveXP.exe.

  3. It is recommended that you follow all default installation prompts.  When finished, the installation will return you to the Windows Desktop.

  4. Remove the installation CD from the CD-ROM drive and restart the Manager computer.

Installing on workstations:

Follow these directions only after the software has been installed on the designated Manager computer.

  1. From the Windows desktop, choose Start | Run.

  2. In the Open dialogue, type \\manager1\vpsm\netsetup\netsetup.exe and choose OK, where “manager1” is the name of the computer on which the PrISM software is installed.

  3. Follow all default installation prompts.

  4. Choose Finish to complete the installation and restart the client computer.