Settling An Order

When an order is ready to be settled, it can be accessed any number of ways. Select the order through either the View Orders, Table List, or Change Order options on the main Ordering Module screen.


Once the order has been accessed, press the Settle button on the bottom of the screen.  This will bring up the settle function. Along the left hand side is the order ticket, along the bottom of the screen is a row of function buttons, and in the middle of the screen is a list of tender types.  Select one of the tender types from the list and the system will settle the order to the appropriate tender.




Settles the order to cash, asks the user how much the customer paid, displays the change due, opens the cash drawer and asks to print a cash receipt.


Cash Tend

Similar to Cash, but used when someone pays with exact change or when change does not need to be calculated.  The system will not prompt for a tender amount.  It will immediately open the cash drawer and ask to print a receipt.



Will settle the order to Check and ask the user for the amount.  It will open the cash drawer and ask to print a receipt.  The system will tell the user the change amount if the check is over the amount due.


Charge Sale

The system will prompt the user for the type of charge card and ask whether or not to put the entire charge on the card.  The user cannot enter more than the total due, but the user is able to enter less than the total.  The user then must run the card manually.

Tip: When using the optional integrated credit card validation software, the system will prompt the user to swipe the card and will authorize the card automatically.  This is a separate optional module and is not included with the standard PrISM POS system.  Please contact Microworks Sales for more information.



The system will prompt the user for the account information and place the order on account.  Click here for more information about Customer Accounts.


Tax Exempt

Selecting this will remove the tax from the total.  This option is to be used for qualifying customers/organizations only.


Quick Tend

The system will simply settle the order to Cash and open the cash drawer.  It will not prompt for cash amount, change due, or print a receipt.


Gift Card

This is used when a customer redeems a gift certificate.  The system will prompt the user for the total amount.  If the system is configured for "simple" gift certificates and the gift certificate is larger than the amount due, the system will calculate the change due the customer in cash.  If the system is configured to track gift certificate balances (often in the form of magnetic swipe gift cards) the order total will be deducted from the gift card's remaining balance, and as such the customer will not receive their change in cash.


Pre-Auth Charge

Use this option when settling a timed order for another day. This will verify the customer has the funds necessary, but will not charge the customer until the order is made and delivered.



This option allows the order taker to change the currency of the order.