"Going Live"

Going Live & PrISM System Dates

Due to shipping time, your PrISM date(s) will already be several days behind the actual date when you receive your system.  Once you have decided to "go live", you will want to bring the PrISM date into sync with real time.  Please note that the date in PrISM only moves forward when you run the "End Of Day" procedure.  See End Of Day.


The "Going Live" process will reset all ordering and sales information that have been previously processed.  Inventory values are reset to zero values; however, you will not lose any inventory items entered into the system before going live.  Likewise, all employee and menu information that may have been entered will remain intact.


Tip: You do not have to keep running End Of Day to catch up - we can adjust your system for you.  Just give Microworks Technical Support a call several days before you want to go live.