In this section, you'll define general station functionality.  These settings have been configured per your discussions with Microworks regarding system requirements.

Note: This is an advanced area of the PrISM system, and should only be modified under the instruction of Microworks Tech Support.  Any unnecessary modifications in this area can result in system failure.



This section contains basic system options for each station.


This section contains miscellaneous system settings.

Makeline Monitor

You may have a station designated as a Makeline Monitor.  If so, this option must be chosen and the appropriate Makeline Number must be defined.  A station that is configured as a Makeline station cannot be used to place or settle orders.


This section contains miscellaneous advanced ordering options.  You system was shipped with the proper configuration per your discussions with Microworks.


Caller-ID Data Directory

This field contains the network path to the caller ID data folder, where the files created by the Caller ID interface unit are stored.


Credit Card Station

If using the optional credit card validation software provided by Microworks, each station that validates credit cards must be assigned a station number.  The Manager's station must be set to '1'; the other stations can be set to any order you choose as long as it is consecutive.  It is strongly recommended that you contact Microworks Tech Support before modifying this value, as changing it can result in the inability to process credit cards.


Print Cash Receipt

You may set this option to one of three settings: Yes, No, and Ask.



The options in this section pertain to system and till security.