The General tab of Location Maintenance is where you'll specify general information relating to your store.  Changes in this information will be reflected the next time the Ordering Module is loaded.


Store Number

The store number is used primarily for reporting purposes.  If you have multiple store locations, you may wish to enter a unique store number for each location.  This field is optional.


Store Phone

Enter the appropriate store phone number.  The PrISM system uses this phone number as the default phone number for carry-out order types.


Store Manager

This could be considered the general store manager or owner.  The name entered here will appear on the Daily Paperwork Report as well.


Company Name

This would be your company name as you would have it appear on reports.



The address is comprised of two individual fields.  The first field is the street number; the second field is the street name.


Unit Number

If you have a specific unit/suite number, enter that here.



This is the city where your business is located.



This is the state where your business is located.


Zip Code

This is the zip code for your business location.


Default State

If a customer record does not contain a state specification, this default state entry will be used.


Canadian - GST/PST

This field applies to Canadian establishments only.  Selecting this option will enable the Goods and Services Tax as well as Provincial Sales Tax field located under the System tab of Location Maintenance.


Phone Exchanges

You may enter up to three popular phone exchanges for your area. When taking a delivery order, these three exchanges will be available for quicker ordering.