Food Cost

The tab of the menu item update screen allows you to define which inventory items are always included with this item and in what quantities.  This section is identical to Recipe Cost Setup and is available as a secondary option for data input.



This area should not be confused with the Includes list.  See Includes Tab for more information.



Click on this button to add a new drop-down Inventory Item entry field.



Highlight an inventory item to remove from this list and choose this option.


Inventory Item

Select an inventory item from the drop-down list that is included with this menu item, i.e. napkins, box, utensils, etc.


Note: Optional toppings are not included in this portion of the food cost setup. See Modifier Lists for more information.



This is the base amount of the selected inventory item that would be used on the menu item. This quantity is based on the portion unit as defined by the inventory item.