End Of Day


The PrISM system keeps its own processing date.  This date can only be advanced by running the End Of Day (EOD) procedure.  Selecting End Of Day from the Daily | Paperwork menu will begin the closing procedures.  EOD resets the daily totals, advances the PrISM date, and prepares the system for the next business day.  The system will automatically lock out the users from the ordering screens.  Follow these steps for successfully closing your day and preparing the system for the next business day. Click on each step for more information.


  1. Ensure all orders for the day have been settled.

  2. Ensure all employees have been clocked out and, if applicable, settled.

  3. Ensure all physical tills (cash drawers) have been settled.

  4. Make the daily Deposit.

  5. Choose Paperwork | Daily | End Of Day.

This now begins the process of advancing your PrISM system date. When finished, your system will be ready for the next business day.