Employee Tab


This tab is the first step in new employee creation.  Here you will assign an employee number and collect the employee's personal information.  





This is the number the employee will use to log in, also known as the Crew ID number.  Each employee must have a unique number.


Payroll Number

This field is not required.  This field may be used as a cross reference with a separate payroll system if applicable.


Swipe Number

If you are using swipe cards for employee password purposes, selecting this option will allow you to swipe the employee's card which will link the card number to the employee's available password-protected functions.  You may also enter the number manually. For more information on how the swipe card works, please contact Microworks Technical Support.



This option will mark the employee inactive, meaning the employee will not be able to clock in or take orders.  They will still appear on payroll reports if they have worked during the selected date range.


Use Personal Bank

Check this box if the employee uses a personal cash bank.  This means that orders are settled to the server's personal cash bank rather than to a fixed till.  It is not necessary for delivery drivers to have this option enabled, the Driver Routing module assigns the orders to the driver automatically.  This option should only be used for table servers who cash out orders to their own cash bank.  The standard amount each server will use as a personal bank is set up in the Driver setup screen in Location Maintenance.