The Jobs tab allows for the definition of the various jobs an employee may perform.  Job classes and pay rates for those job classes are defined in this section.  Refer to Update Jobs in the Employee Scheduling Module for additional information on creating job classes.



Specify a job class for the employee in this field.  An employee may have multiple job classes as they may perform different jobs as requirements for their employment.


Pay Rate

Each job class should have a pay rate specified.  Using the above graphic as an example, an employee may be working as a manager on a given day and receive $10.00 per hour.  However, if the same employee is scheduled as a driver on another day or shift , they would receive $6.50 per hour.



The Add button will create another job entry field for editing.



Delete will remove the selected job class assigned to this employee.



This is used only for salaried employees.  When an employee is classified as salaried Weekly Pay and Days must also be entered or daily labor costs will not calculate correctly.  You must also enter an hourly Pay Rate for all salaried employees.


Weekly Pay

Used for salaried employees only.  This is the salaried pay that the employee receives for the week regardless of which job class they use throughout the week.



Used for salaried employees only.  Days (worked in an average week) is also required to calculate daily labor costs correctly.